Best Local Advertising For The Modern Age

best local advertisingWhat is the best modern local advertising?

Up until about 6 or 7 years ago if a person wanted to find a specific service or product in their local area they would generally pick up a Yellow Pages and find a local business that had what they wanted. If you were a local business targeting people or even other businesses in your area you would religiously renew your Yellow Pages (or equivalent directory) ad every year, knowing that it got you business.

Today people don’t use phone directories or classified ads like they used to. Your potential customers are picking up their smartphone, iPad or laptop and Googling local services. Over 80% of all Google traffic is local searches e.g. “opticians Oxford” or “wedding reception venues Manchester“. This is how most people are now looking for local products and services today.

newspaper advertisingThe local internet search revolution has also had a huge impact on local print advertising like newspapers. Local newspapers are declining right across the UK because local businesses are not getting a return on their newspapers ads so they are not paying for these ads any longer. Local newspaper adverting does not produce the results that it used to and in many areas where it costs £600+ per week for a decent size ad, it is still extremely expensive for what you get. At these prices it’s no wonder businesses struggle to see a return on investment.

So with this huge increase and dominance of local search, local businesses must be really benefiting? Unfortunately not. The problem is that research shows many local companies are not showing up for relevant local searches. If you search for your company name I am sure you will find your existing web site or some local web directory with your details. But potential new customers do not know you exist and are searching for your product or service together with the town or area name, not your company or brand name. Are you showing up at the top of the organic (real) search results for the searches that count?

The graphic and stats below highlight the importance of showing up in the first few Organic search results:
Best local advertising.

This is already something national companies know and use to market their services on a local level and push out real local businesses across the country. Big companies use simple but effective tools to corner the local market. Look at this search for “exhausts canterbury”:
Local/national online advertising
The paid Google Adwords result and the following 4 organic search results are all national companies that are targeting a specific local search phrase with a web page specific to that area. These national companies replicate this technique in every town or district across the country. Where is the local garage that does exhausts in these search results? I bet they have a web page or they are listed somewhere but where is it? Is your business suffering from the same problem?

What we offer is NOT SEO or Adwords (pay per click) services. We are not proposing to update your existing website. It can be difficult (sometimes impossible) to get your existing site to the top of these local search results without changing your domain name and other things that are imperative to your existing website. Our service is a new promotional page created specifically for your business.

We create a new, small website that will show up in the right web searches to act as an advert to drive traffic to your existing website or directly to your phone number or doorstep. This ad page will have your company logo and look like a professional web page with your branding and information just less information than your existing site, and with the sole purpose of driving new targeted customers to your business.

Our unique tools will highlight which search terms and phrases people are using when looking for your services or products in your area. We will then create a mini site specifically targeting those key search phrases with the aim to get it to the top of the organic search results within a few weeks. So when people search for your products or services in your area, they are immediately presented with information about your business at the top of the genuine, organic search results.

Our ad sites really work and can produce really quantifiable results for your business. We are not into wishy washy social media promotion or search engine optimisation. This is a real and tangible way to drive up local exposure and sales for your business. As we have already highlighted; large national companies are already exploiting this method of promotion on the internet because it really works!

We only charge a modest monthly fee. If you don’t think it is working for you, you can stop the service and stop paying at any time. It is straightforward, inexpensive and it works!

To find out more just call us on 0845 833 3235