Your Site Shows Up In Google Results But Are Potential Customers Clicking Somewhere Else?

Your website can show up in Google search results but people still might not click on your link.

Google displays results in a certain way to lead our eye to the best results based on our specific search words. Look at the graphic below:


This is a search for “flower delivery London” and you can see that any search results that include these search words are highlighted in bold. This includes related words and words in the title and description. Believe it or not this really makes a difference and people will be more likely to click on the results that have the most bold text. This makes it imperative you are targeting the precise words your customers are searching for.

Lastly the text under the title must be relevant and compelling, so it encourages searchers to stop and click rather than pass your site over for the next search result.

If your page/link that shows in the search results has all the correct words in the title and content with compelling text encouraging clicks, your traffic will go up significantly.

Our tailored solution of researching the most popular search phrases for your business and then creating new pages to target those exact words and search terms mean not only will your business be more visible in search results but more people will click on them to view your company information. This will drive more traffic to your existing site, encourage more phone calls, generate credible leads or get more customers through your door.

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