Local Advertising In Kent


Where is the best place to advertise in Kent?

For any business today it is important to make sure you are reaching the most potential customers for the least amount of money.

The best way to do this is to make sure your business is targeting the exact people interested in what you are offering and already trying to find the products and services your business offers. Years ago that meant advertising in phone directories or relevant sections of newspapers. Today approximately 87% of ALL internet searches in Kent are for local services.

This is already something national companies know and use to market their services on a local level in Kent and push out Kent based businesses. Big companies use simple but effective tools to corner the local market. Look at this search for “exhausts Canterbury”:
Local/national online advertising
The paid Google Adwords result and the following 4 organic search results are all national companies that are targeting a specific local search phrase with a web page specific to Canterbury. These national companies replicate this technique in every town or district across the country. Where is the locally owned Canterbury garage that does exhausts in these search results? I bet they have a web page or they are listed somewhere but where is it? Is your business suffering from the same problem?

Whether on a computer, phone or tablet; this is how your potential clients are looking for and finding what they want. Even if you are selling products and services nationwide or further afield your business should still be taking notice. Just like the large companies in the example above because they know that if over 80% of Google traffic is for local searches they need to take advantage of that, in the same way your business needs to.

It can be problematic adjusting your current website to target these local search phrases so what we offer is a unique solution to create a new mini-site with a new domain but branded as your business to capture the traffic from these searches and send it to your existing site, get them to call your or get them through your door. Our special research tools will highlight the most common search phrases for your products in Kent and we will carefully create pages to show up in the top results to let that targeted search traffic know about your business.

This is not the same as Adwords or “pay per click” (which less than 5% of searchers click on); these are pages targeting organic search results that 65% of people click on (see graphic on our homepage for more info). Few other providers are doing what we do, as well as us and we are only charging a basic monthly fee. This is a truly unique service with no contract or tie in; you only pay for as long as you need it.

We are already doing this for Kent based businesses and we are expanding all the time. We can only offer this service to one business in each industry sector in Kent because we can’t create two competing mini-sites for two different competing businesses, products or services so let us help your business before your competitors approach us.

We believe we offer the best marketing coverage for businesses for the kind of advertising or SEO that would cost thousands anywhere else. If you would like to know what we can do for your business give us a call on 0845 833 3235

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