Local Advertising In Oxfordshire

oxmpWhere is the best place to advertise in Oxfordshire?

When almost anyone in Oxfordshire is looking for a product or service locally, they will all do the same thing: Reach for their smart phone, tablet or laptop and search on Google for “product/service Oxfordshire” Or “product/service in town name“. Approximately 87% of ALL internet searches in Oxfordshire are for these type of local searches.

So the best way to reach all the new local customers that have never heard of your business is to make sure you show up in the first few search results  for the search phrase: “your product/service in Oxfordshire”. However this can be difficult to do with your existing site without making expensive changes or maybe changing your domain name that already holds credibility for your company.

pgs2What we do for clients in Oxfordshire is to use unique tools to find the most used search terms for their services and create a new webpages with correct domain names, keywords and phrases targeting those local search phrases to advertise their business on internet search. This is not the same as Adwords or pay per click which less than 5% of searchers click on; these are pages targeting organic search results that 65% of people click on (see graphic on our homepage for more info). Few other providers are doing what we do, as well as us and we are only charging a basic monthly fee with NO tie-in or contrcat. This is a truly unique service with no contract or tie in; you only pay for as long as you need it.

If your business is Oxfordshire based but selling products nationwide or globally then you should still be paying attention to this. Nationwide businesses are well aware that over 80% of ALL internet searches are local searches so they are taking advantage of this by targeting these results. They create local pages in much the same way as we do for our customers but they pay large sums of money to teams of developers.

We are already doing work for companies in Oxfordshire and expanding all the time. We can only offer this service to one business in each industry sector because we can’t create two competing mini-sites for two different competing businesses, products or services so let us help your business before your competitors approach us.

We believe we offer the best marketing coverage for businesses for the kind of advertising that would cost thousands anywhere else. If you would like to know what we can do for your business give us a call on 0845 833 3235

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