How It Works For Your Business

snHow Do New Customers Find You?

If you have an existing website I expect if people do a Google search for your business name they will find your site. Perhaps if they search for a few specific phrases they might find your website but what are your potential new customers searching for? If they don’t know about you then they won’t be searching for your business name.

You want new clients that don’t know about you yet? Over 80% of Google searches are local searches for very specific phrases, e.g. “printers in Kent” or “family lawyer Newport”. We use tailored tools to find out the most searched phrases for your products and services in your area, then we create a small website to work as an advert to send customers to your existing website, get them to call you or send them to your door.

It can be difficult to adapt your existing site to capture this large amount of traffic without making major changes which can be expensive and maybe changing your domain name which already has value and credibility for your business. That is why we create a mini site that targets and captures those potential new customers and sends them to you without affecting the web presence you already have.

We only charge a modest monthly fee and there is no tie in so if you no longer require it at a later date you can opt out at any time. However we know from experience this really works and we are confident you will be happy with the results.

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